Sending Passbook Push Notifications with Houston and Sidekiq

The Nomad collection of iOS/Ruby tools are a great resource. I recently switched how Goldstar is sending out push notifications from Grocer to Houston. Grocer has gone unmaintained for »

Lean into it

I’ve changed my mind. First, let me step back. For the last few years, I’ve been one of a (growing) minority of folks that has been promoting the »

Working Software

I’ve been thinking about what the minimum requirement for a programmer is. It’s an interesting topic. No one talks about it, really. What’s the most basic skill »

Expanding on the Law of Demeter

Recently, my friend Avdi Grim posted a great explanation of the Law of Demeter (LoD). It’s been tweeted and posted all over the web, so hopefully you saw it »

XP and Lean Startup in a single image

David Bland tweeted something today that I’ve heard/thought before, but reminded me of what the essence of both XP/Agile and Lean Startup are all about. Identify all »