Speaking of Turds (A Technological Term)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiJ9fy1qSFII use the term “turd” often when talking about products, either hardware or software but I’m not always sure people know what I »

Things I have learned as an artist (no. 1)

At the beginning of every project and the learning of any skill, you always believe you already know what perfection is.This assumption is always false. »

Typography of web applications

One of the hardest things about designing web applications is presenting the multitude of types of information that is necessary at any one time. What do you display? What do »

Pro Tip: Encapsulate logic in Rails Views for maintainability

A Rails view anti-pattern is that they very quickly turn into a nasty tangle of conditional html blocks. Example: <code class="ruby"> <% if logged_in? »

Jambox by Jawbone Review

“Ohhhh! It’s the hipster speaker!” – @didip That’s what my co-worker said when he walked into the office this morning. Waiting for me when I got to work was »