Summer Has Arrived

Since the weather was so wonderful here in Portland today, my wife and I decided to make fajitas for dinner. Instead of your regular “grill some chicken, fry some veggies” »

A trip to Baltimore in June

I’m taking a trip to Baltimore between June 7th and June 11th. railsconf »

Rubymine - A Love Story

I started writing code in Flash 5. I actually learned OOP in ActionScript, but that’s another post all together. My point is, my first code editor was Flash. Then »

Bundler: Oh the fail I know.

First, a disclaimer: I don’t want to be negative. I am only writing this because I feel it deserves attention by the community and because I love Rails so »

UX Fail: Colorblindness Round 2

Found another example. Charts/Graphs! I can’t, in any way, tell which of those lines belong to which label. They both look green to me. »